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Scott Brown for Senate: Third Time (in Four Years) Is the Charm?


After long delays and much discussion, a Scott Brown senatorial bid — the third in four years — may be taking shape:

GOP officials close to Scott Brown report that the former Republican senator is ‘’leaning strongly toward running” in the special election to replace Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. They report that Brown is likely to enter the race early next week.

Representative Ed Markey — still showcasing that state-of-the-art website for his campaign — is the favorite on the Democratic side; he’s going to face a primary from Representative Stephen Lynch. Lynch may intrigue some folks on the right, as he’s pro-life and voted against Obamacare.

In fact, if Lynch won the Democratic primary, you could see a pro-life Democrat competing against a pro-choice Republican in Brown.

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Massachusetts Democrats, Debating Who Will Kerry the Torch


Up in Massachusetts, Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe updates his scorecard on the Senate seat that will open up when John Kerry departs to become secretary of state:

  • Representative Ed Markey has lined up support from several big names, like Kerry and the Kennedy clan. For now, Markey’s usual campaign website is the barest of bones, announcing his Senate bid and asking for donations.
  • Markey has two potential big-name rivals still in the mix. Representative Stephen Lynch is working the phones to gauge support for a bid, and Representative Michael Capuano is not ruling out a campaign.
  • Perhaps the most intriguing indicator in Johnson’s roundup involves soon-to-depart Senator Scott Brown, who “is trying to engineer the selection of his deputy campaign finance director as the new chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, which would give him de facto control of over $700,000 in a party joint victory account — plenty to seed a special election campaign.”
  • The only other potential Republican Senate candidate mentioned is former governor William F. Weld.
  • While no one knows who Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, will appoint as the interim senator, his desire for a loyalist has some mentioning the name of his “outgoing Administration and Finance Secretary Jay Gonzalez.”

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Democrat Wants Liberals to Avoid Primary Challenges


There’s a great deal about Egypt in the Morning Jolt, but this bit of election-related news…

House Democrat to Liberals: Ix-Nay on the Imary-Pray Allenges-Chay

Well, they won’t listen, but it’s fun to hear House Democrat making this plea anyway: “Liberal groups need to stay out of Democratic primaries if the party is going to retake the House majority, according to a conservative Massachusetts Democrat.  Rep. Stephen Lynch was one of several Democrats who faced an aggressive primary challenge from the left in 2010. His challenger Mac D’Alessandro, a former top official with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), received almost $300,000 from labor groups for his campaign… “I think if we had avoided that, we would have saved, maybe, six or eight more seats,” said Lynch. “I don’t think it would have stopped the overall result, but maybe six or eight seats” could have been held. Clearing primaries for members and discouraging liberal groups from spending against incumbents should be a priority for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he said. ‘It would definitely help, I think. You need to talk to those groups.’”

“Nothing like a little red-on-red action to brighten your day,” chuckles Weasel Zippers.

I know there’s a perspective that the first step in getting what you want in life is to ask for it, but somehow I don’t think liberal groups will avoid primary challenges, even if Democrat incumbents ask them nicely…

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