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The Post-Akin GOP Outlook for the Senate . . . Doesn’t Look That Bad!


Argh. What are the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and grassroots Republicans and conservatives, supposed to do, now that Todd Akin has exponentially complicated the effort to defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and win the three (or four, if Romney doesn’t win) seats needed to take over the Senate?

All they have is Nebraska, where state senator Deb Fischer holds an 18-point lead over Democrat Bob Kerrey in a seat where incumbent Democrat Ben Nelson is retiring, and North Dakota, where Rick Berg is up 9 on in a seat where incumbent Democrat Kent Conrad is retiring . . .

and Montana, where Rep. Denny Rehberg has a small but consistent lead over incumbent Jon Tester . . .

and Wisconsin, where Tommy Thompson has an increasing lead over Tammy Baldwin to fill the Senate seat occupied by the retiring Herb Kohl . . .

. . . but they have to make up the likely loss in Maine, where either a Democrat or a Democratic-leaning independent is likely to replace Sen. Olympia Snowe . . . and they need to keep Sen. Scott Brown in office in Massachusetts, where the latest poll has him . . . er, only up by 5 . . .

. . . and they have to hold Indiana in a presidential year, when Rasmussen has Republican Richard Mourdock slightly ahead . . . and make sure that Sen. Dean Heller keeps his consistent lead in Nevada . . .

and . . . hey, wait a minute . . . Connie Mack looks pretty competitive against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida . . . George Allen remains neck-and-neck with Tim Kaine in Virginia . . .

. . . what’s this? Could incumbent Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown really be tied with GOP challenger Josh Mandel in Ohio, as Rasmussen suggests? And what’s this eye-popping suggestion that in Connecticut, “former wrestling executive Linda McMahon holds a narrow lead over Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy in Rasmussen Reports’ first look at Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race. A new telephone survey of Likely Voters in Connecticut shows McMahon with 49 percent of the vote to Murphy’s 46 percent . . .”

Gee, suddenly the outlook for Republicans in the Senate races doesn’t look so bad anymore, does it?

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Quinnipiac Romney Close, Mandel Gaining in Ohio


The news out of Ohio from Quinnipiac this morning represents modest improvement for Republicans, but no reason to break out the party hats yet:

The presidential race in Ohio remains too close to call as President Barack Obama gets 45 percent to 44 percent for Republican Mitt Romney, with a 45 – 45 percent dead heat if the GOP adds home-state Sen. Rob Portman as Romney’s running mate, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Ohio’s other U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown, holds a 46 – 40 percent lead over State Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican challenger, compared to a 46 – 36 percent Brown lead in a March 29 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University. This is the first survey showing the race in single digits.

The Romney-Portman v. Obama-Biden match up compares to a February 15 survey in which Obama had 46 percent to Romney’s 44 percent without running mates, moving to Obama-Biden at 47 percent to Romney-Portman at 43 percent.

Notice Romney is winning independents in Ohio, 43 percent to 39 percent; white women split 44 percent to 44 percent.

The news of Mandel looking more competitive is more significant, as Brown appeared to be a vulnerable incumbent in a swing state that shifted heavily to Republicans in 2010 . . . but one who enjoyed a healthy lead so far (although notice how consistently Brown’s support tops out in the high 40s). One of the ways Republicans can maximize their chances of retaking the Senate is to put as many of the cycle’s races “in play,” and for now, Ohio looks like it will be “in play.”

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Josh Mandel’s Footwear-Focused First Ad


The Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, Josh Mandel, has unveiled his first TV ad of the general-election season:

Notice his campaign web site’s URL: . . . reminds me of the “Bob’s for Jobs” signs that Bob McDonnell used in his successful gubernatorial campaign in Virginia in 2009.

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In Ohio, GOP Challenger Outraises Sen. Brown . . . by $800,000?!?


This may be the most unexpected bit of good news to come along for Republicans in a while:

Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel raised an outstanding $2.3 million for his bid against Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), the Republican’s campaign announced Wednesday.

Mandel raised more in the second quarter of this year than Brown, who announced last week that he collected $1.5 million during the same period.

The Ohio Democrat also reported $3.5 million in the bank at the end of June. Mandel’s campaign did not disclose the candidate’s cash on hand at the end of the quarter.

Brown boasted one of the most impressive hauls of any incumbent Democratic Senator in the past three months. But a release from Mandel’s campaign called his haul “the highest of any Senate challenger in the nation this quarter.”

A challenger outraising an incumbent doesn’t happen all that often. A challenger outraising an incumbent by $800,000 is really rare.

A guy watching the Ohio Senate race closely and a big fan of Mandel observes:

Brown just had a 6 year cash lead basically evaporate in 2 months. Additionally, Mandel is the kind of guy who can not only raise big money in state, he’s the kind of guy to run against a guy like Brown who is a real thorn in conservatives’ side. People wanna give to take out Brown. Mandel’s also got a great story to tell. Two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a marine intel officer. This was just from Ohio. He hasn’t even started scratching the surface of what he can do out of state . . . Not to mention all the battleground implications that always go with Ohio.

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Second Big Endorsement for Josh Mandel in Two Days


It has been a good week for Josh Mandel; first Jim DeMint endorsed him, and now the Club for Growth PAC:

Club for Growth PAC today announced that it is endorsing Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for the United States Senate seat currently held by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH):

“The Club for Growth PAC proudly endorses Josh Mandel for the United States Senate,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Josh Mandel represents a bright future for Ohio and will be a pro-growth star if elected. Sherrod Brown has been a disaster for Ohio. Brown voted for the Stimulus, ObamaCare, and for the Wall Street bailout. Sherrod Brown’s anti-growth agenda has killed jobs and hurt Ohio. We believe Club Members will do everything they can to help Josh Mandel win election as Ohio’s next Senator.”

Maybe these endorsements will spur Mandel to actually declare that he’s running for Senate; so far he has only announced an exploratory committee filed the papers for a campaign committee with the FEC.

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Another Republican Launches a Bid in Ohio: Kevin Coughlin


Republican Kevin Coughlin, a former Ohio state representative and state senator, is throwing his hat in the ring for the 2012 U.S. Senate race, aiming to take on incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Ohio State treasurer Josh Mandel is reportedly thinking about a bid, as is former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell.

Coughlin made a short-lived bid for governor in 2010, but ultimately found difficulty raising money and competing with John Kasich, who went on to win the governorship. His biography from his public-affairs consulting firm can be found here.

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Ken Blackwell Seriously Considering 2012 Senate Bid in Ohio


Ken Blackwell — former Ohio secretary of state and state treasurer, former gubernatorial candidate, NRO contributor, and NR cruiser — is contemplating a run for Senate in 2012, taking on Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown.

Supporters of Blackwell have commissioned a poll and like what they see. First, in a primary matchup against newly elected state treasurer Josh Mandel and Rep. Pat Tiberi:

Q: If the 2012 Republican U.S. Senate primary was held today, and the only candidates running were Ken Blackwell, Josh Mandel, and Pat Tiberi, for whom would you vote?

Blackwell    34.1%

Mandel    17.3%

Tiberi    16.3%

Undecided  32.1%

Then in the head-to-head against Brown:

If the election for U.S. Senate was held today, and the only candidates running were Ken Blackwell and Sherrod Brown, for whom would you vote?

Blackwell    32.2%

Brown    45.0%

Undecided    22.8%

Before you shriek in horror, Blackwell fans note that their man hasn’t been in the public eye in Ohio much since his 2006 gubernatorial bid. They put much more importance on Brown being below 50.

In this poll, Pat Tibeiri and Josh Mandel have steeper hills to climb. Tiberi trails, 20.8 percent to 46 percent, while Mandel trails, 21.4 percent to 44 percent.

The poll consists of a sample of 500 registered voters, with a margin of error of +/-4.4 percent. The sample is 52.4 percent women, 47.6 percent men, and 42.6 percent Democrat, 39.2 percent Republican, 18.2 percent Independent.

The pollsters also decided to ask about the Republican presidential primary. Huckabee led with 24.5 percent; Gingrich was in second with  21.9 percent; Palin was in third with 16.3 percent; Romney fourth with 13.7 percent.  Trailing behind were Bachmann with 5.61 percent, Pawlenty with 3.57 percent, Santorum with just over 2 percent, Huntsman and Barbour with roughly 1.5 percent each. A bit over 9 percent were undecided.

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Mandel to Join Early-Starting, Hard-Charging GOP Senate Challengers?


Politico raves about the way Republicans are recruiting their Senate candidates…

In the recruiting battle for 2012 Senate candidates, Republicans are winning by a landslide. Just three months into the election cycle, the GOP has locked down heavyweight candidates in seven key Senate races, with top contenders seriously thinking about running in two others.Democrats, on the other hand, are still without a major candidate in Massachusetts and Nevada — two states that present the best opportunities to pick up a seat. And there’s no official word yet on whether Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine will run in a third key race — the open Senate seat in Virginia.

Among the top GOP gets to date: Attorney General Jon Bruning in Nebraska, former state treasurer Sarah Steelman in Missouri, former Sen. George Allen in Virginia, Rep. Denny Rehberg in Montana, former Rep. Heather Wilson in New Mexico, Rep. Jeff Flake in Arizona and Rep. Dean Heller in Nevada.

I wonder how they would classify Josh Mandel, who’s apparently gearing up to take on Sherrod Brown in Ohio.

Mandel is young (and looks extremely young) but he’s already been elected statewide with 54.5 percent of the vote (his incumbent Democrat rival only won 40.5 percent) and is a U.S. Marines intelligence specialist who has served two tours in Iraq.

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Ohio Republicans May Turn to a Really Fresh Face


After the recent resurgence in the fortunes of Ohio Republicans, one might think that Sen. Sherrod Brown of the Buckeye state would be facing plenty of potential GOP opponents. But so far, only a trio of little-known candidates have filed papers: Rusty Bliss, Eric LaMont Gregory, and Michael L. Pryce.

With most GOP members of Ohio’s House delegation sounding uninterested, attention is turning to a fresh face… a really fresh face, Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel:

If Jordan, LaTourette and Taylor opt out, there’s growing talk in Columbus that the Senate race might fall into the unlikely lap of Josh Mandel. The newspapers wouldn’t like it, as Mandel is widely viewed as being in too big a hurry. At age 33, Mandel is only three years beyond the constitutional age requirement for serving in the Senate.

But Mandel is a world-class fundraiser and, as a Jewish Republican, could cut — perhaps deeply — into a traditionally Democratic constituency that has been extremely supportive of Brown.

When urged to enter the race, Mandel tells friends his entire focus is on being a good state treasurer. But he doesn’t slam the door.

A Mandel candidacy remains unlikely — as would an eventual victory. But that it’s being talked about seriously is amazing. If, on the day Brown was elected to the U.S. Senate, those who pay close attention to these things were asked to list 100 possible opponents for Brown in 2012, Mandel’s name wouldn’t have been on anyone’s list.

A 33-year-old running for Senate? Now I feel old.

Don’t send him to buy drinks for any victory parties; he’ll probably get carded.

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