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Ted Cruz Takes to the Airwaves!


Texas Senate candidate and NR cover subject Ted Cruz is up on the air with his first ad:

The most recent poll, from the University of Texas in February, has Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst ahead with 38 percent and Cruz in second place at 27 percent. Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is at 7 percent.

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Cruz-ing Past the $4 Million Mark


Texas Senate candidate and NR cover subject Ted Cruz: The $4 million man. So far.

The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign has now raised over $4 million, effectively tying the overall fundraising of the sitting Lieutenant Governor. This remarkable fundraising continues the extraordinary momentum of the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign.

In the fourth fundraising quarter of 2011, Cruz raised $1,093,837. He ended the quarter having raised nearly $4 million overall, and with $2,868,822 cash on hand. As of mid-January, the Cruz campaign has now raised substantially more than $4 million.

The really amazing number? “Cruz has had 12,450 donors; Dewhurst has reported 823. Cruz’s average donation is $319; Dewhurst’s is $2,286. And yet their overall total raised is the same.”

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Ted Cruz: Down 12 Points With Plenty of Time to Go


A new poll puts Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst ahead in the Texas GOP Senate primary, but the campaign of Ted Cruz — you know him, you’ve seen him on the cover of NR — thinks the trends look good for their man.

As Cruz’s campaign manager, John Drogin, puts it:

These poll results dovetail with the Azimuth poll released two weeks ago. That poll showed Cruz and Dewhurst statistically tied (Cruz 32, Dewhurst 31) among the most active primary voters. That, too, is very encouraging; it shows that when voters hear Ted’s message, it resonates, and the most informed voters are trending heavily Cruz.

4. On a broader statewide level, which is what the Texas Tribune/UT poll measured, Dewhurst still has a significant name ID advantage. And he’ll spend millions of dollars of his own personal wealth running TV ads trying to hide from his record and convince voters he’s conservative. But, the more voters learn about Dewhurst’s actual record, the more his support collapses — that support is moving to Cruz.

Six months ago, Dewhurst had a massive lead. This is now a 12-point race.

Half of the Republican voters are still undecided, but Cruz has the best ground game and a strong conservative record that will appeal to undecided Republicans. And, having raised over $2.8 million — more than any other candidate in the race, including Dewhurst — Cruz will have the funding to get his message out.

The primary is March 6, 2012. If no one gets a majority — and with 11 Republicans of varying name ID running, it seems quite possible — there will be a runoff of the top two finishers on May 22.

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The Demonsheep Ad of the 2012 Cycle?


Call me crazy, but I sense a lot of “Demonsheep” in this new ad from Texas Senate candidate (and former state solicitor general) Ted Cruz, hitting his primary rival Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for skipping various party events:

It just lacked a nickname for his rival, like “the Duckhurst” or something.

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Ted Cruz-es to Another Big Endorsement in Texas


Ted Cruz continues to rack up the endorsements in the Texas GOP Senate primary: Formal endorsements from FreedomWorks PAC, Red State, the Club for Growth PAC, a glowing column from George Will, and now, Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund:

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, chairman of the Senate Conservatives Fund, announced the endorsement of former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz for the open U.S. Senate seat in Texas.

“I am very proud to endorse Ted Cruz for the Senate seat in Texas,” said Senator DeMint. “He’s the strongest conservative in the race and he’s earned the support of the grassroots in Texas. Ted Cruz has a deep appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and he’s someone conservatives can count on to fight for the principles of freedom that make America great.”

“An establishment candidate with deep pockets will enter this race soon so it’s even more important now for freedom-loving Americans to unite behind Ted Cruz. He’s put together a very strong campaign but needs help from Texans and folks across the country to win.”

That “establishment candidate with deep pockets” that DeMint is referring to is Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Cruz joins Josh Mandel in Ohio as DeMint-endorsed Republican candidates.

spoke to Cruz earlier this year; one of his comments included:

To my mind, what this primary is about in Texas is helping to provide real leadership to stand up and stop the Obama agenda. One thing that I have told Tea Party activists around the state is that if I simply go to Washington and serve in the U.S. Senate and vote correctly, 100 percent all the time, I will consider myself an abject failure. I’ve asked them to hold me accountable — if that’s all I do, hold me accountable for not doing my job. The reason I’m running is not merely to vote right. What we have a desperate need for is real leadership to stand up and defend free-market principles. And if I am not helping lead the fight, standing there with arrows in my torso, I will not be doing my job.

For too long, there have been a few lonely leaders in Washington, such as Jim DeMint in the Senate and Paul Ryan in the House. 2010 provided them with much-needed reinforcement — some very strong leaders such as Mike Lee and Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. But what this election is all about is helping provide leadership to defend free-market principles and stop the Obama agenda.

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Dan Patrick for Senate Could Get, Dare I Say, ‘En Fuego’


Texas state senator Dan Patrick is thinking about joining the crowded GOP field in the Texas Senate primary. And it may all stem from a dispute Patrick had with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, another Senate candidate, over the TSA’s touching policy:

Patrick’s Tuesday run-in with Dewhurst came when he accused the lieutenant governor, the presiding officer of the Senate, of undercutting his effort to pass a bill that would have made it a crime for Transportation Security Administration officers to touch anyone’s private areas during safety screenings.

Federal officials told Dewhurst and other state officials that Patrick’s legislation would conflict with federal law and that the federal government would ask the courts to prevent the measures from being enforced if they passed.

Patrick said that, as he laid out his bill on the Senate floor, he thought Dewhurst was moving from senator to senator in an effort to “peel off votes.” When the Houston lawmaker realized he did not have the votes, he withdrew the bill and fired a few parting shots at Dewhurst.

“Someone who will not stand up to the federal government, you have to ask yourself, is that the kind of person we need in the U.S. Senate?” Patrick said.

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann might say nice things about him, just because he’s thinking of the other Dan Patrick.

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