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Scratch One Democratic Governor, One House Member in North Carolina


The good news for North Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidates like former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory and Doug Schell: The outlook for incumbent Democratic governor Bev Perdue is so gloomy she’s expected to announce she won’t run for reelection.

The bad news for North Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidates Pat McCrory and Doug Schell: they won’t get to run against an incumbent with numbers as low as Perdue.

Elsewhere in North Carolina, redistricting put two Tarheel State Democrats up against each other, Reps. Brad Miller and David Price. Miller has decided to retire from Congress.

UPDATE: Come on, governor! I’m sure the Obama wave coming to North Carolina in 2012 can help you over the top!

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‘$2 Trillion in Debt, Without Any Budget Cuts’


The National Republican Congressional Committee takes to the airwaves, to let voters know about Rep. Brad Miller’s vote to raise the debt ceiling without any additional efforts to control spending.


Miller, who represents North Carolina’s 13th District and who occasionally posts to Daily Kos, won reelection with 55 percent in 2010. As the district lines are currently drawn, this district scores a D+5 in the Cook Partisan Voting Index.

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