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Bob Kerrey Knows How to Insult a President!


Former Democratic Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey, who called President Bill Clinton “an unusually good liar” in 1996, declares his potential GOP rival in this year’s Senate race, Jon Bruning, disrespectful” because his recent ad refers to “Barack Obama” instead of “President Obama.”

I take it that if Bruning wins the nomination, every ad from the Kerrey camp will refer to his rival as “State Attorney General Bruning.”

David Zucker warned us about what happens when lawmakers get too wrapped up in always being referred to by their official titles:

Of course, it’s hard to give Kerrey much grief about his 1996 “unusually good liar” quote; in most libel cases, truth is a defense.

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New Yorker Turns Down Nebraska Senate Bid


This is not exactly surprising — Bob Kerrey’s been registered to vote in New York for the past decade — but it is good news for the GOP nonetheless:

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey said Tuesday he will not run for the Nebraska Senate seat he gave up more than a decade ago, shutting down hopes for a bid both parties called Democrats’ best chance to hold the seat but that Kerrey himself described as a longshot. The 1992 presidential candidate and former Nebraska governor had considered seeking the Democratic nomination to succeed Sen. Ben Nelson, who replaced Kerrey in the Senate in 2001. Nelson’s decision not to run for a third term this year came as a boon to Republicans, who must net four seats to retake the Senate and have made capturing the lone remaining Democratic seat in Nebraska’s congressional delegation a priority.

By the way, if the GOP wins the presidency, they only need to pick up three seats to control the Senate.

Congratulations to the next Nebraska senator, who is likely to be state attorney general Jon Bruning, state treasurer Don Stenberg, state senator Deb Fischer, or investment adviser Pat Flynn.

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NRSC: Why Is New Yorker Bob Kerrey Thinking of a Nebraska Run?


The National Republican Senatorial Committee would like to remind Nebraskans that Bob Kerrey, currently contemplating a bid to return to the Senate, has been living in New York for the past decade.

With Ben Nelson suddenly retiring, Democrats are desperate for a Senate candidate . . . and they might be willing to plumb the depths of the free-agent market, so to speak.

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