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Remember When John Kasich Looked Vulnerable?


The Campaign Spot decision desk isn’t quite ready to call the Ohio Governor’s race for incumbent Republican John Kasich, but the outlook seems to get better each day:

A potential mass exodus from Ed FitzGerald’s gubernatorial campaign is afoot, with several of the Democratic nominee’s top aides and experienced Ohio political consultants transitioning away from a campaign seemingly under a siege of negativity.

FitzGerald’s campaign manager Nicholas Buis and communication director Daniel McElhatton have left their posts. Press secretary Lauren Hitt may also leave, and consultants Aaron Pickrell and Louis Capobianco also are leaving, numerous sources said.

FitzGerald won’t really be in trouble until he loses his driver; one part of the “siege of negativity” is the revelation that the candidate drove without a license for ten years.

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Ed Fitzgerald, Driving Himself Out of a Competitive Governor’s Race


By golly, Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed Fitzgerald, if you’re going to get caught in parked car with a woman that isn’t your wife at 4:30 a.m. by a cop, make sure you have a valid driver’s license!

Who does he think he is, Jose Antonio Vargas? 


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Psst: Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Reelection Bid Isn’t So Vulnerable Anymore


Hey, remember when everyone talked about how vulnerable Ohio governor John Kasich was in his reelection bid? Yeah, not so much, it turns out.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the Democratic challenger in the race for Ohio governor, remains largely unknown and is gaining little ground against Republican Gov. John Kasich who leads 48 – 36 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 50 – 35 percent Kasich lead in a May 14 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University.

The traditional gender gap exists as men back the Republican 53 – 31 percent, while women are divided, with 43 percent for Gov. Kasich and 41 percent for FitzGerald. Kasich leads 92 – 2 percent among Republicans and 47 – 28 percent among independent voters, while Democrats go to FitzGerald 78 – 9 percent.

There are some on the right who are quite irked with Kasich for agreeing to expand Medicare as part of Obamacare’s implementation. Note that it’s not costing him much Republican support in his reelection bid.

The survey found 52 percent are “somewhat satisfied” with the way things are going in Ohio today, with 8 percent “very satisfied.” (Those 8 percent are probably Cleveland Cavaliers fans.) This is in fact the highest score Quinnipiac has found on this question in recent years.

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We’ll See if Other Polls Show John Kasich Sliding


The Ohio Democratic party is touting a PPP poll showing their gubernatorial candidate, Ed Fitzgerald, down by only a point to incumbent Republican John Kasich.

The only head-to-head polling in Ohio showing Fitzgerald up in the past two years is PPP’s. As the Cleveland Plain-Dealer notes:

Other independent polling, though, has found a wider gap in the gubernatorial race.

A survey in May by Quinnipiac University found Kasich had a 15 point lead; 50 percent said they would pick him, while 35 percent favored FitzGerald. In June, a poll done for Opportunity Ohio found Kasich eight points ahead at 47-39 percent.

There hasn’t been a ton of independent polling recently, so it’s possible Kasich’s numbers have softened; we’ll see this trend either confirmed or contradicted in the coming weeks.

Perhaps Ohioans are glum because LeBron James is coming back.

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Ed FitzGerald: I Won’t Sign Anything Unless My Name Is Capitalized Correctly


In an item below, I didn’t capitalize the “G” in the name of Democratic Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald. But as Third Base Politics notices, his campaign is sending out e-mails spelled, “Ed Fitzgerald.”

Apparently this is an enormously big deal to the candidate:

“Effective immediately, regardless of deadlines or emergencies, Ed will no longer sign letters, contracts, documents, etc. that does not have his name spelled properly (Edward FitzGerald),” FitzGerald’s administrative assistant Tanya Hairston wrote. “Additionally, please remember that his last name does have a capital G and should be used accordingly. I have also be informed to please return any documents that does not conform with his instructions to the sender.”

Even in an emergency? Seriously?

So if elected governor, would he not sign a disaster declaration, 11th-hour pardon of a death-row inmate, or key legislation if his name was misspelled? Really?

Re-elect John Kasik Kasich 2014: Because he’s used to having his name misspelled.

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Races for Governor Starting to Take Shape in Ohio, New Mexico


Campaign-related news you may have missed in recent days . . .

OHIO: Democratic Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald will formally announce he’s running for governor of Ohio this week against incumbent Republican John Kasich. Fitzgerald already has a campaign web site up and running, and is at this point the only Democrat running, something of a surprise. Quite a few Democrats have turned down a race, including former governor Ted Strickland, U.S. representative Tim Ryan, and former U.S. representative Betty Sutton, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

MINNESOTA: Rep. John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, announced he will not run against Senator Al Franken in 2014; he said he will focus on running for reelection. No Republicans have announced bids against Franken so far.

NEW MEXICO: State senator Howie Morales, a Democrat, said Friday that he is considering running for governor against Republican governor Susana Martinez. State senator Linda Lopez and state attorney general Gary King are also running on the Democratic side, and there’s some buzz around state senator Tim Keller, last seen lamenting the condition of the state’s economy, taking pride in the state’s $900 million surplus, and complaining about a recent cut in the state’s corporate tax rate. In February, a poll found Martinez enjoying a high approval rating of 64 percent.

CALIFORNIA: Thomas Elias, columnist for the Santa Monica Mercury, says that Republicans are still looking for a top-tier contender to put up against incumbent Jerry Brown in 2014.

It’s almost absurd to think Brown, who has vied with the likes of ex-Gov. Pete Wilson, billionaire Whitman and a sitting attorney general in Evelle Younger, worries much about the Republicans now lining up. If Poizner or some other billionaire capable of writing personal checks to finance a major campaign were to enter the lists, Brown might be given some pause. But right now he looks as secure as any 2014 candidate in America, even though he hasn’t said a word about running.

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Run for Governor, Risk a Pay Cut


Joe Hallett, senior editor at The Columbus Dispatch, writes an intriguing column about the factors running through the mind of Democratic Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald, as he contemplates challenging Republican Ohio governor John Kasich in 2014 — weighing family and the burdens of campaigning vs. what he could do in the job.

Perhaps the most intriguing wrinkle is that the Cuyahoga County executive makes $31,000 a year more than the governor of Ohio does.

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The Brightening Outlook for Ohio Governor John Kasich


Since the moment he took office as Ohio’s governor, John Kasich represented a big target for Democrats. And when voters rejected a the Republican-passed law restricting the collective-bargaining rights of public employees in a public referendum in November 2011, Ohio Democrats licked their lips, perceiving a quite vulnerable incumbent.

Today . . . not quite so much. Kasich isn’t quite secure in his bid for a second term, but his outlook is considerably brighter.

But while a recent Quinnipiac Poll showed voters still don’t believe Mr. Kasich has earned a second term, his numbers have slowly improved in recent months. His job approval rating recently moved into positive territory.

“Barring some unpredictable issue, time is on the governor’s side,” said John Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron. “Most people believe the economy will continue to improve. It may be a rocky road in a general sense, but most believe we’ll continue to see improvement. That helps the governor.

“One of the reasons polls show criticism of the governor is he had tried a lot of policy innovations to get the economy moving,” he said. “Some were popular. Some were very unpopular. But the more time he has, the more opportunity for those policies to work.”

And in something of a surprise, the man Kasich beat in 2010, Ted Strickland, declined a rematch in 2014, issuing a 395-word statement that never quite mentioned why he was not running again. Whatever the reasoning was, Ohio Republicans want the decision to be interpreted as a response to Kasich’s improving record.

State GOP chairman Bob Bennett said:

Ohio has made giant leaps in progress in two short years under John Kasich, and it will be hard for any Democrat to argue why he shouldn’t continue to create jobs for hardworking Ohio families and put Ohio back on the right track.

Strickland’s decision is likely to set up a contested gubernatorial primary for Democrats:

Most party sources agreed Tuesday that [Cuyahoga County Executive Ed] FitzGerald, 44, has the strongest claim to the nomination given his heavily Democratic base in Cuyahoga County and the preparations he already has made. But others could be drawn into the race now that Strickland is out of the picture. The possibilities include former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of the Youngstown area and Betty Sutton, the recently unseated congresswoman from Copley Township.

Lightning might strike twice for the Ohio GOP; a nasty primary with lingering resentment hurt that state’s Democrats in the 2010 Senate race, as well.

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