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Kurtz: Enough Whining, President Obama


Howard Kurtz notices that no matter how much President Obama and his allies and friends win elections, pass legislation, or win news cycles, they always complain about the power of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News:

Now it’s true that Fox or Rush can boost or batter any lawmaker, and that they can help drive a controversy into the broader mainstream media. But we’re talking here about the president of the United States. He has an army, a navy and a bunch of nuclear weapons, not to mention an ability to command the airwaves at a moment’s notice. And he’s complaining about a cable channel and a radio talk show host?

Gee, it’s almost as if the complaints about Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc. are not really based on how much power these media entities have, and instead driven by an outrage that they dissent from the narrative of other media, that Obama, Al Gore, and the rest of the progressives are right and virtuous and wonderful and the greatest in every way…

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