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It’s Election Day in Chicago!


Today is Election Day in Illinois’s second congressional district, in what is likely to be a minimal-turnout general election, selecting between Republican Paul McKinley and Democrat Robin Kelly.

Republicans would love to see their party make some noise in the districts where they’re not supposed to, like this one in inner-city Chicago and some of its southern suburbs. Having said that, there just doesn’t seem to be much of a pulse in this district. Yes, you’re never going to get high turnout in a special-election GOP primary in a district like this, and yes, the primary was held the day of a snowstorm, but . . . McKinley won the GOP nomination with 955 votes. There were 3,530 total votes in the GOP primary; Kelly won nearly 31,000 in the other side’s primary.

McKinley’s message has been against the Chicago machine; he offers a brief “Machine 101″ talk that refers to “Rahm ‘Caliglius’ Emanuel” (presumably comparing him to Caligula).

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What Can 955 Votes Get You? A GOP House Nomination!


So, how many votes does it take to win a Republican primary in a special House election in a district that includes a portion of Chicago and its southern suburbs when there’s a snowstorm?

955 votes.

Congratulations, Paul McKinley.

The winner of the Democratic primary, Robin Kelly, had 30,799 votes.

Meet the Democratic nominee:

After Robin Kelly lost a 2010 bid for state treasurer, the office’s chief investigator alleged she violated ethics laws by improperly reporting time off from her taxpayer-funded job as chief of staff to then-Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, the Tribune has learned.

Kelly, now a top contender in Tuesday’s special Democratic primary in the 2nd Congressional District race to succeed Jesse Jackson Jr., was at the center of an investigation by the treasurer’s executive inspector general into whether timekeeping violations took place as she campaigned for treasurer, records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show.

Executive Inspector General David Wells recommended that Kelly be disciplined, according to a letter from Giannoulias. The punishment that Wells recommended was not made public, but Giannoulias said no action would be taken against Kelly because she had already resigned from state government.

Meet the Republican nominee, discussing his philosophy of “street repentance” from his conviction and incarceration for robbery:

McKinley finished with about 500 votes more than former Rep. Mel Reynolds. His message has been against the Chicago machine; he offers a brief “Machine 101″ talk that refers to “Rahm ‘Caliglius’ Emanuel” (presumably comparing him to Caligula).

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