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Beltway Buzz: Fiscal Showdown


This week, NR’s Robert Costa and Andrew Stiles break down the battle to defund Obamacare, whether Ted Cruz is helping or hurting, and consider immigration and the coming war on coal.

Ricochet Podcast: The Limbaugh Lecture


James, Peter, and Rob welcome Norman Podhoretz (“The Podfather”) to discuss the White House’s Syria stumbles, and David Limbaugh schools them on the fundamentals of the conservative movement.

Need to Know: Russian Dressing


Mona and Jay welcome Washington Examiner’s Byron York to discuss Syria, then consider our Russian dressing down and the New York mayoral mess.

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GLoP Culture: I Drink Your Milkshake!


Rob, John, and Jonah discuss, The New York Times’ newest man in Moscow, Samantha Power’s fecklessness, John Kerry’s ever changing face, and a new Hizzonor for NYC.

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Ricochet Podcast: Comrades in Arms


This week, James and Rob welcome guest co-host Mollie Hemingway to discuss Syria, the Russians, Obama, and 9/11. Plus, authors Tevi Troy and Rod Dreher stop by to discuss their new books.

Need to Know: The Morality of the Moment


Jay and Mona consider the discourse on Syria, John Kerry’s “Munich moment” comment, Bashar Assad, Al-Jazeera, Miley Cyrus, and Dennis Rodman.

Ricochet Podcast: The Military Option


This week, Peter, James, and Rob parse the entire Syria question with the Hoover Institution’s Fouad Ajami and National Review’s Robert Costa. Plus, the topic that the hosts won’t touch.

The Milt Rosenberg Show: Victor Davis Hanson


Milt welcomes historian Victor Davis Hanson to discuss: the trouble, discord, and danger in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt; the inadequate and conflicted  responses of the major governments looking on; and a resurgence of “neo-isolationist” outlooks.

GLoP Culture: A Tiny Dram of Scotch


This week, John, Jonah, and Rob riff  on Bradley/Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald’s smuggling partner, the NR Cruise, The Butler, and Breaking Bad.

Beltway Buzz: An Outspoken Conservative


This week, NRO’s Robert Costa and Andrew Stiles discuss Ted Cruz’s college roommate, Chris Christie vs. Ron Paul, the power center of the Republican party, and the latest budget battles in Washington.

Need to Know: We Can Decide


Jay and Mona return to discuss the NR Cruise, Mona’s trip to Scotland, whether national DNA exists, Libertarianism and the Republican movement, and The Butler’s rewrite of history.

Ricochet Podcast: Summer’s End


This week, Peter, James, and Rob confront the burning questions: Is Rob Long actually a gift from God? What in Pharaoh’s name is going in Egypt? What’s the deal with Chris Christie? And finally, will California change Paul Rahe or will Rahe change California

Law Talk: What We Did This Summer


This week, the Professors and Troy Senik discuss Eric Holder’s proposal on mandatory minimums, the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program, the NSA scandal, and the Obama administration’s fumbling on the Snowden case.

Ricochet Podcast: The Newspaper Rules


Ricochet editor Mollie Hemingway joins Peter to welcome Weekly Standard’s Phillip Terzian to analyze the sale of the Washington Post; and Dan McLaughlin discusses his “73 Rules for Republicans Running For Office.”

Law Talk: Suspicious Minds


The Ricochet Law School faculty lounge re-opens for a summer session. This week: DOJ’s voting rights suit, Zimmerman civil rights charge, a letter from Edward Snowden’s dad, SCOTUS Republican, and vetting a possible 20-week abortion ban.

GLoP Culture: Coarsening the Culture


This week, John, Jonah, and Rob discuss Anthony Weiner, Rob’s allegedly-racist TV show, a kid-friendly Internet, Helen Thomas, and the casting call for Hillary Clinton.

Need to Know: Misbehavin’


This week, Jay and Mona welcome the Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald to discuss New York’s crime rate and the “stop and frisk” policy, then consider the Anthony Weiner saga, Huma Abedin, and Eric Holder’s voting-rights gambit.

Beltway Buzz: A Force of Nature


This week, National Review’s Patrick Brennan joins Bob Costa to discuss the continuing battle over an immigration bill, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Christine O’Donnell.

Ricochet Podcast: The Selfie


This week: Peter, James, and Rob welcome authors Andrew Klavan and C.J. Box to discuss Anthony Weiner, the death of shame, and Rob’s alleged coarsening of the culture.

Need to Know: Evil Race Baiting


This week, Mona and Jay discuss the post-verdict rhetoric in the Zimmerman case and the disaster called Detroit, and what they both have in common. Plus, D.C.’s Walmart controversy, sequestration, and the time Mona almost became a Catholic.


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