The Feed is a blog exclusive to National Review Online that allows viewers to vote news and other information up or down, thus providing a real-time snapshot of viewer interest about current events. Within The Feed’s “View by Vote” panel, entries are ranked based on an algorithm that weighs the ratio between up and down votes, the volume of votes, and the date an entry was posted. In order to vote, viewers must register and log in with The Feed. Registered viewers may vote only once per entry and cannot change their vote once it is cast. As entries degrade in popularity, they will fall off The Feed’s “View by Vote” panel. The Feed’s “View by Date” panel, in which entries are listed in reverse-chronological order by post date, serves as the blogs archive, with navigation allowing viewers to access newer and older posts. Individual posts on The Feed are decided upon by the blog’s proprietor, Greg Pollowitz -- a frequent contributor to NRO’s Media Blog and other NRO blogs and feeds. Viewers are, however, encouraged to suggest stories to The Feed, and to comment on entries as well.