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Should Doctors ‘Prescribe’ a Drink a Day?

Via New York Times:
There is a lot of evidence linking low-risk drinking with lower rates of heart attacks, strokes and dying, especially among middle-aged and older adults. However, most of this is correlational, meaning these things tend to go together without being able to say what causes what. There is a clinical trial under way to actually test whether “prescribing” a daily dose of alcohol reduces cardiac risk or not, and what harmful effects there might be. In the absence of such studies assessing risk versus benefit, it is premature to “prescribe” drinking. On the other hand, low-risk drinking is associated with many other good health outcomes, including a reduced likelihood of diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease.

What's a conservative blogger to do if Obamacare mandates the prescription coverage of a daily dose of alcohol? (Attention anyone at Brown-Forman: wouldn't this be a great place for an ad?) - Greg Pollowitz

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