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Clyburn’s New Theory: The Alvin Greene Vote was Hacked

Via Fox News:
Hackers must be behind mystery Senate candidate Alvin Greene’s victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary last week, Rep. James Clyburn claimed in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday. Trying to account for how a candidate who had no money and no campaign infrastructure was able to pull out a victory over a well-funded local lawmaker in a statewide race, the powerful South Carolina Democrat said the touch-screen voting machines used by the state are notoriously unreliable. Without citing evidence, Clyburn said the voting machines could have been compromised. “I believe there was some hacking done into that computer,” Clyburn told Fox News, suggesting that somebody at the state could have deliberately bought those machines so that the system would be vulnerable. South Carolina uses a machine called the iVotronic.

Or, maybe he just won fair and square? - Greg Pollowitz

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