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Today In Untrue News (Health-Care-Summit Edition!): Democrats Aren’t Talking About Reconciliation

Via Newsweek:
But there was one particularly bizarre untrue claim made today by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He set the bar high when, in his opening statement, he claimed that “no one has talked about reconciliation.” Which is weird, since, a lot of people—people who are Democratic senators, no less—have talked about it. Like Chuck Schumer, who signed on to a letter urging for a public option via reconciliation. In an e-mail to his supporters last week, he specified “I just added my name to their effort to pass a public option through the reconciliation process, and I wanted you to be the first to know.” It’s not just Schumer—that letter, at last count, has 24 senators on board.

Wow. When Obamaweek calls you a liar, you know you're in trouble. - Greg Pollowitz

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