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Shocking: Jet Blue Flight Attendant Might Be Lying

Via CBS New York:
The saga of Steven Slater, the flight attendant who flew off the handle, is raising doubts Thursday morning. Sources tells CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that police have completed interviews with 70 percent of the passengers aboard Monday’s bizarre JetBlue flight at Kennedy Airport and all of them said they never saw flight attendant Steven Slater get hit in the head with a piece of luggage or argue with anyone. This flies in the face of what Slater has said led to his now-infamous meltdown. The sources said that police still have to complete interviews with all the passengers. All of this was learned well after the homecoming celebration for the former flight attendant made famous by the spectacular scene he created when he quit his job after cursing out a passenger on the plane’s intercom and sliding down the jet’s emergency chute.

Enjoy your 15 minutes while you can, because the fall is really going to hurt. - Greg Pollowitz

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