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The Most Popular Dem? Hillary Clinton

Via PPP:
Here are observations: -Hillary Clinton is the most popular among Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike. -85% of Democrats view her favorably, followed by 83% for Michelle Obama, 82% for Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and 73% for Biden. -21% of Republicans see her positively, followed by 19% for her husband, 18% for Michelle Obama, and 10% for Biden and Barack Obama. -58% of independents view her favorably, followed by 57% for her husband, 53% for Michelle Obama, 44% for Barack Obama, and 41% for Biden. -There still appears to be some residual unhappiness from the 2008 primary season toward Bill Clinton by black voters. 23% of them see him unfavorably compared to 16% for Biden, 13% for Michelle Obama, 10% for Hillary Clinton, and 10% for Barack Obama. The good news for Hillary if she does make another try for the White House in 2016 is that any animosity toward her husband there is not rubbing off on her.

Hey Superdelegates: how you feeling now? - Greg Pollowitz

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