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New Jersey receives $271 million bill for the canceled Hudson River train tunnel

Via NY Times:
NJ Transit owes the federal government at least $271 million for the Hudson River rail tunnel that Gov. Chris Christie scrapped last month, a federal official says. The $8.7 billion project to construct a rail tunnel between New Jersey and New York was 15 years in the making when Christie pulled the plug on Oct. 27, citing potential cost overruns. The Federal Transit Administration on Monday sent the railroad the bill for the so-called Access to the Region’s Core project. “NJT must immediately repay all the Federal financial assistance expended for ARC under the (work agreement) which is currently estimated to be $271.091 million, plus reasonable interest and penalty charges that will be determined by FTA,” regional administrator Brigid Hynes-Cherin wrote in the letter to James Weinstein, executive director of NJ Transit. FTA also said it would launch an audit of the project to determine how much federal funds have not yet been spent.

Your move Gov. Christie. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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