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Wednesday Morning Stupid: Assange’s accuser is tainted because she has ties to Cuban dissidents

Via Miami Herald:
The bizarre saga of WikiLeaks yielded an arrest and yet another unexpected wrinkle on Tuesday: One of the Swedish women who has accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of sex crimes was revealed to be a supporter of Cuban dissidents. Anna Ardin’s links to Cuba were posted on several websites Tuesday after Assange surrendered in London to answer a warrant issued for his arrest by Sweden. He is wanted for questioning after Ardin and another woman accused him of having sex with them without a condom and without their consent. And in yet another Cuba-related development Tuesday, a U.S. diplomatic cable made public reported that Brazilian officials had said that country’s investment in expanding the Cuban port of Mariel was based “on the assumption that Cuba and the United States will eventually develop a trading relationship” after the U.S. embargo is lifted.

1. If you Google, you get even crazier theories that the CIA is involved in the rape allegations but 2., the rape allegations, from the media reports I've read, don't seem to hold up, thus feeding the tinfoil brigade. (i.e., this report.) - Greg Pollowitz

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