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NYC Councilman blames ‘Happy Meals’ for childhood obesity.

Via New York Post:

McDonald’s may soon be serving burgers with cries.

A portly city councilman wants to yank toys from the fast-food chain’s Happy Meals to stop encouraging kids to scarf down too much greasy grub.

“If we can get parents and the food chains to create healthier eating habits to instill in young children at an earlier age, it will definitely impact their eating habits for life,” said Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens).

Comrie, who has admitted to weighing as much as 335 pounds, says his bill to make the meals decidedly less happy will be introduced today. It’s similar to one going into effect in San Francisco this December, he said. . .

Has anyone told McGrumpy that McDonald's already offers healthy alternatives in their Happy Meals? It's not the toys - it's parents who order a Coke and fries and not milk and apples for their kids. - Greg Pollowitz

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