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Richard Cohen: A President without a doctrine.

Via Washington Post:

Nine days after Barack Obama launched his wee war in Libya, he went on television to tell the American people why he had done so. Not quite a week after congressional Republicans thumped the president by excising more money from his budget than he said he’d allow, the president will present his plan for dealing with the deficit. The cliche of late has been the trope about “getting ahead of history.” Wonderful. I would settle for Obama just catching up with himself.

The military action in Libya is a case in point. The president had ample reason to intervene. Moammar Gaddafi is a monster and there was little question that if he prevailed he would make his enemies, down to their children, suffer. This was an easy argument to make — one buttressed by Gaddafi’s own record as a sponsor of terrorism, the Lockerbie bombing above all — and dramatically abetted by the wild look in his eye. The situation called for a presidential speech. . .

I believe, "told ya so" is the proper response. - Greg Pollowitz

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