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Vigilante justice for the Westboro Baptist Church

Via The Hayride:

What is most notable about Sgt. Rogers’ funeral in Brandon, however, is what didn’t happen. You see, the troglodytes from Westboro Baptist Church had threatened to spew their poison at Sgt. Rogers’ funeral. But the Westboro mob wasn’t on the scene, and Sgt. Rogers was laid to rest without incident – thank God. Why weren’t there protestors? Planning ahead by the locals, as it turns out. From an Ole Miss sports message board, a tidbit of information…

A couple of days before, one of them (Westboro protestors) ran his mouth at a Brandon gas station and got his arse waxed. Police were called and the beaten man could not give much of a description of who beat him. When they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened. . .

Rest in peace USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Roger. - Greg Pollowitz

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