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Bin Laden’s Medicine Cabinet

Via Telegraph:

Avena syrup, an extract of wild oats that is marketed as a natural impotence cure, was listed on the medicine shelf at his compound.

Evidence pulled from the medicine cabinet in his hideout, and interviews with his young wife in the Pakistani media, appear to show bin Laden, 54, was not in bad shape.

They also show his fondness for herbal remedies.

NBC News got hold a list of medications found in the Pakistani compound. None are used to treat long-term chronic illness.

There were drugs to treat high blood pressure, ulcers, shingles, nerve pain and common childrens’ complaints.

Aside from its use to increase sexual desire and potency, Avena syrup is also used as an artificial sweetener often used for a sour stomach. . .

Hey, it happens to every terrorist eventually. Nothing to be ashamed about! - Greg Pollowitz

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