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Britain Sells Canada a Rusty Submarine

Via The Star:
HALIFAX—One of the Canadian navy’s four Victoria-class submarines will be restricted in its ability to dive deep beneath the seas because of rust, according to a document obtained by The Canadian Press. A Feb. 9, 2010, briefing note prepared by Lt.-Cmdr. Helga Budden recommends repairing seven areas of general rust and three regions of localized pitting rust on HMCS Windsor. Budden recommends the repair be carried out through a “protect and monitor” option which calls for grinding away and priming the corroded areas, with regular checks of those areas to be conducted once the submarine is operational. But her note says that option would result in a new depth limitation for the submarine. The note was based on research done by defence research scientists in Halifax. Budden, an officer with the submarine naval architecture division of the navy, says in the note that the military considered repairs involving welding fresh metal onto the vessel’s hull, a process called “plate replacement.” That option would involve “no depth limitation,” the briefing note says. But Budden rejects that repair method, saying it would cost between $3 million to $5 million and take a year to do. . .

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