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59 Things You Can Eat on a Stick at the Iowa State Fair

Via Iowa State Fair:
  1. Fried Butter on-a-stick
  2. Peanut Butter & Jelly on-a-stick
  3. Chocolate Covered Fried Ice Cream on-a-stick
  4. Cheesecake on-a-stick
  5. Fair Square
  6. Chocolate-covered tiramisu on-a-stick
  7. Turtle mousse bar on-a-stick
  8. Twinkie log on-a-stick (frozen Twinkie dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cashews)
  9. Octodog (hotdog in the shape of an octopus)
  10. Chocolate-dipped cake on-a-stick
  11. Chicken club on-a-stick
  12. Buffalo chicken on-a-stick
  13. Chocolate-covered peanut butter round on-a-stick
  14. Chocolate-covered key lime round on-a-stick
  15. Carmellows on-a-stick
  16. Pretzel rods dipped in caramel or chocolate
  17. Pickle on-a-stick
  18. Pork chop on-a-stick
  19. Corn dog
  20. Cheese on-a-stick
  21. Cajun chicken on-a-stick
  22. Sesame chicken on-a-stick
  23. Carmel apple
  24. German sausage on-a-stick
  25. Teriyaki beef on-a-stick
  26. Corn on the cob on-a-stick
  27. Cotton candy
  28. Veggie dog on-a-stick
  29. Turkey drumstick
  30. Nutty bar
  31. Fried pickle on-a-stick
  32. Hot bologna on-a-stick
  33. Shrimp on-a-stick
  34. Chicken on-a-stick
  35. Monkey Tails (chocolate covered banana on-a-stick)
  36. Taffy on-a-stick
  37. Honey on-a-stick
  38. Ice cream Wonder Bar
  39. Deep fried Snickers bar on-a-stick
  40. Deep fried Milky Way bar on-a-stick
  41. Deep fried Twinkie on-a-stick
  42. Lamb on-a-stick
  43. Meatballs on-a-stick
  44. Deep fried hoho on-a-stick
  45. Fudge Puppy (waffle drenched in chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream)
  46. Chili Dog on-a-stick
  47. Funtastick Pork on-a-stick
  48. Dutch letters on-a-stick
  49. Turkey tenders on-a-stick
  50. Deep fried hot dog on-a-stick
  51. Chocolate covered cheesecake on-a-stick
  52. Potato Lollipop (4 thick slices of russet potato deep fried and on-a-stick with dipping sauces)
  53. Pineapple on-a-stick (Fresh pineapple dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried)
  54. Chicken lips on-a-stick (breaded chicken breast smothered with hot sauce, served with blue cheese dressing).
  55. Cornbrat on-a-stick (bratwurst dipped in corndog batter)
  56. Chocolate covered Ice cream cookie sandwich on-a-stick
  57. Rock candy on-a-stick
  58. Salad on-a-stick
  59. Hard-boiled egg on-a-stick

Is there a challenge to see if anyone can eat all 59 items in one day? - Greg Pollowitz

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