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The ‘Pirate Party’ Wins in Germany

Via Der Spiegel:
As Berlin election results came in on Sunday evening, sweaty members of the Pirate Party danced arm in arm beneath a disco ball at popular club in the city’s Kreuzberg district. The smell of marijuana spread through the informal party, where guests made their own sandwiches and drank bottled beer. “I can’t believe it,” said newly elected parliamentarian Christopher Lauer as he fell onto a sofa, sending a message of thanks out via his Twitter account for the 8.9 percent of voter support. “It is breathtaking, a surreal feeling, because there is nothing that compares to this.” Standing before the television screen, leader of the Pirate Party, Sebastian Nerz, called the historic moment “cool.” “It’s the first time since the 1980s that a new political power has come onto the stage,” he said. . .

Hey, what young person wouldn't want to vote for a guaranteed income and the legalization of pot? It's like elected the guy in High School who promised Pepsi in the drinking fountains as class president. - Greg Pollowitz

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