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Blame Steve Jobs? ‘Suicide’ Protest at Apple Factory in China

Via The Telegraph:
Around 150 Chinese workers at Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, threatened to commit suicide by leaping from their factory roof in protest at their working conditions. The workers were eventually coaxed down after two days on top of their three-floor plant in Wuhan by Foxconn managers and local Chinese Communist party officials. Foxconn, which manufactures gadgets for the likes of Apple, Sony, Nintendo and HP, among many others, has had a grim history of suicides at its factories. A suicide cluster in 2010 saw 18 workers throw themselves from the tops of the company’s buildings, with 14 deaths. In the aftermath of the suicides, Foxconn installed safety nets in some of its factories and hired counsellors to help its workers. . .

Does this mean my iPhone 5 will be delayed? {sarcasm} - Greg Pollowitz

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