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The Italian Coast Guard Ordered Cruise Ship Captain Back on His Ship

Via BBC:

[De Falco is from the Italian Coast Guard, Schettino is the Captain of the Concordia]

. . .De Falco: “What are you doing, commander?” Schettino: “I’m here to coordinate rescues.” De Falco: “What are you coordinating there? Go on board and coordinate rescues from on board. Do you refuse?” Schettino: “No, no I’m not refusing.” De Falco: “You’re refusing to go aboard, commander, tell me why you’re not going.” Schettino: “I’m not going because there is another lifeboat stopped there.” De Falco: “Go aboard: it’s an order. You have no evaluation to make, you declared abandon ship, now I give orders: go aboard. Is it clear?”. . .

It's no wonder the Captain was arrested so quickly. What a wuss. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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