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News You Can Use: How To Make the Perfect Margarita

Via Wall Street Journal:
IN SPANISH, margarita means “daisy.” But in North America, I believe the translation is closer to “super fun time.” Totally fine to think of the cocktail that way, but let’s put down the ready-made, Day-Glo sour mix, step away from the margarita machine and take the drink seriously for just a moment. The margarita may conjure images of spring break in Cancún and fishbowl glasses with cactuses as stems or yardstick-long containers filled with boozy slush. But the cocktail is so much more than that. It doesn’t take much to elevate the margarita to the top of the drink canon. Despite its unfortunate reputation as the Lindsay Lohan of the drink world, it deserves to rub elbows with the likes of the Manhattan and the martini. A properly made margarita is like Emma Stone—fun-loving but, deep down, classy and smart. . .

You are welcome. - Greg Pollowitz

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