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Begun The Drone Wars Have

Via Fox News:
The Future of UAVs: The Phantom Ray, by Boeing, is a good example. This prototype jet-powered flying wing has morphed into a test bed for advanced UAV technologies, including electronic warfare tools like radar jamming, autonomous aerial refueling, air-missile defense and surveillance. Engineers expect it to fly as high as 7.5 miles straight up. And with an anticipated cruising speed of up to 610 mph, the Phantom Ray will be one of the fastest UAVs on record. The Demon, under development at the BAE Systems laboratory in London, flies with no fins — since the entire body of the craft is shaped like a wing. Dozens of thrusters situated on its top and bottom shape airflow, replacing the work typically done by tail fins and ailerons. On-board software varies the strength of each thruster to control pitch, side-to-side movement, or yaw, and roll.

And this is just what we know about. My bet is that planes like the Raptor are obsolete based on what's actually being developed. - Greg Pollowitz

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