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Nanny State Watch: Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Regulate Your Soda

Via New York Post:
No more super-sized Cokes. Forget about 64-ounce stomach-busting sodas at KFC. Even 20-ounce Snapples are on Mayor Bloomberg’s latest heath-conscious hit list. In a dramatic move to reduce obesity, the city is going to become the first in the nation to impose a 16-ounce limit on the size of sweetened beverages sold in food establishments that receive letter grades from the Health Department, as well as mobile food carts. The list includes more than 20,000 restaurants, as well as movie theaters, stadiums and arenas. Bloomberg posed for a photo-op yesterday where he used sugar cubes as props to highlight how sugary the drinks are. . .

What about Starbucks? What about milkshakes at NYC diners? Or at establishments that offer free refills? And I can't get a giant to-go cup from say Burger King because I'm going on a long drive? So, so stupid. - Greg Pollowitz

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