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McCain Blue In The Face Over Latest Hayworth Ad

Via Huffington Post:
John McCain wasn’t mad until after he turned blue in the face. The Arizona Senator’s re-election campaign slammed his Republican challenger, J.D. Hayworth, Thursday over a new political ad that depicts McCain as a member of the blue-hued species from the film ‘Avatar.’ Hayworth’s Oscar-themed ad attacks McCain for not being a true conservative, with copy that reads “John McCain, nominee for Best Conservative Actor.” KNXV-TV reports that McCain’s campaign asked Hayworth to remove the first iteration of the ad because it was insulting to Native Americans. Hayworth’s camp refused, telling Sen. McCain to “get a sense of humor,” and instead released a second advertisement that added more blue to McCain’s face.

Looks more "Braveheart" than "Avatar." And after McCain's "Celeb" ad during 2008, McCain really should have more of a sense of humor. - Greg Pollowitz

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