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This is How Neurosurgeons Come Up with their Ideas to Save People?

Via HuffPo:
Two neurosurgeons from the University of California, Davis have been banned from performing medical research on humans after they allegedly experimented on three patients without university permission, the Sacramento Bee reports. The university ordered the scientists to “immediately cease and desist” from any research involving human subjects last fall, when the two doctors introduced bacteria into the open head wounds of three patients. The Sac Bee reports on documents that allegedly show the surgeons obtained consent of three terminally ill patients with malignant brain tumors to introduce bacteria into their open head wounds in hopes that it might save their lives. However, the university has found that two of the three patients developed sepsis and died. One of the doctors, J. Paul Muizelaar, 65, holds a prestigious position as chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery. Rudolph Schrot, 44, worked under Muizelaar as an assistant professor and neurosurgeon.

I'm surprised they didn't try a "Junior Mint" like in that episode of "Seinfeld." - Greg Pollowitz

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