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AARP Not Happy with Obama’s New Medicare Ad

Via National Journal:
The Obama campaign’s new ad attacking Medicare changes proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has left the AARP none too pleased. The ad quotes the non-partisan group to both attack Ryan’s plan and support Obama’s health care law. But it doesn’t seem anyone asked AARP for its blessing. The group’s senior vice president, John Hishta, said in a statement on Friday that AARP was unaware of the ad and didn’t have any involvement with its creation, while also reminding the public that the group doesn’t endorse candidates. “The next president and Congress will decide the future of Medicare, and the candidates owe voters straight talk — not just 30-second ads — about what their plans will mean for today’s seniors and future retirees,” Hishta said, adding that “for the last 26 years, we’ve been providing voters with balanced information, without all the political jargon and spin, so they can make their own decisions on Election Day.”. . .

Well, 'duh. I suspect AARP has just as many Republican members as Dems. My father's biggest complaint about AARP is that he felt it turned into a group that was just interesting in selling old people "stuff." I can see why they'd be angry if POTUS goes and angers half of their buying audience. - Greg Pollowitz

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