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Jindal: We Need More Levees

Via Bloomberg Businessweek:

The $14.5 billion project after Hurricane Katrina to improve New Orleans levees passed Isaac’s test, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said.

Now, state and federal officials should expand the system to protect low-lying areas throughout Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal said.

“Protecting Louisiana’s coast is good for the people of Louisiana; it’s also good for the country,” Jindal, a 41-year- old Republican, said during a news conference yesterday. “If the proper flood-protection systems are built, we can protect our people and our communities.”

Jindal, who has criticized Barack Obama for excessive spending, used the occasion of the storm to press for federal money for his state. Before Isaac hit, he said the Democratic president wasn’t providing enough funding to cover the costs of storm response. The governor wrote Obama a letter saying the storm requires “full federal assistance for the state.”. . .

Well, this is sure to get debated. - Greg Pollowitz

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