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Chicagostan: Ramn Emanuel, ‘We’re Containing’ the Violence

Via the Chicago Sun-Times:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended his handling of shooting sprees that have plagued Chicago in a Sunday interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” rejecting a suggestion he was having a hard time stopping crime. “We’re containing it,” he said. Emanuel was booked on the show to preview the Democratic National Convention, and review the just wrapped up Republican National Convention, where Mitt Romney officially became the GOP nominee. After covering national politics, host David Gregory said he wanted to talk “about a huge crisis in your own city, and that is, of course, the murder rate. It’s up 31 percent from a year ago — 40 shootings just last weekend, nine left dead, a couple of people shot even near the president’s home on the South Side. What are you doing to address this?”

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