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Eastwood: ‘You Don’t Have to Idolize’ Politicians

Via CNN:

Actor Clint Eastwood says he does not care about the reaction to his stand up routine at the Republican convention, which drew more attention on the night Mitt Romney accepted the presidential nomination.

Eastwood spoke to CNN in his first television interview since the convention.

“One advantage of being my age is that you know what can they do to ya?” said Eastwood, 82. “You just have fun and do what you think and then you can say what you think, you don’t have to edit yourself.”

And the Romney campaign wasn’t editing his remarks at the RNC either.

Days after the speech, he told a newspaper in Carmel, California – where he was once mayor – that he devised the improvised speech shortly before stepping onstage and therefore it could not be vetted as others’ remarks were.

Eastwood ridiculed President Barack Obama, whom he imagined was seated in an empty chair beside him. . .

Well said! - Greg Pollowitz

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