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Afghan Army Issues ‘American Soldiers for Dummies’

Via Washington Post:

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers shipped out armed with government-issued guides to the distant land and the mysterious people.

In Afghanistan, the U.S. military has tried training sessions, embedded cultural advisers, recommended reading lists and even a video game designed to school the troops in local custom.

But 11 years into the war, NATO troops and Afghan soldiers are still beset by a dangerous lack of cultural awareness, officials say, contributing to a string of insider attacks that have threatened to undermine the military partnership.

So the Afghan army is trying something new: a guide to the strange ways of the American soldier. The goal is to convince Afghan troops that when their Western counterparts do something deeply insulting, it’s likely a product of cultural ignorance and not worthy of revenge. . .

We've been at war for eleven years, and they are just getting around to creating this? - Greg Pollowitz

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