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Mossad-Trained Cow Kills Palestinian?

Via the AP:


A spooked cow killed a Palestinian man who was trying to slaughter the beast on Saturday during the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha, a Gaza health official said.

Muslims around the world slaughter sheep, cows and goats, during the four-day holiday that began Friday, giving away much of the meat to the poor. The Muslim holiday commemorates the sacrifice by the Prophet Ibrahim, known to Christians and Jews as Abraham. . .

No one in the Arab world has actually accused the cow of being an agent of Israel. . .yet.

But, in the past, the Saudis did arrest a hawk as an Israeli spy as well as Egyptians that claimed sharks were attacking Arabs on the orders of their Jewish overlords. I can't speak with any certainty, but I think cows are the obvious next animal to recruit as soldiers.

- Greg Pollowitz

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