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Cuomo Fires State’s Emergency Office Chief

Via New York Times:
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has dismissed his chief of emergency management after learning that he deployed government workers to clear a tree at his Long Island home during Hurricane Sandy, an administration official said Wednesday. The aide, Steven Kuhr, was the director of the State Office of Emergency Management. The office coordinates the state response to disasters and is New York’s counterpart to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Mr. Kuhr was appointed little more than a year ago; he had run an emergency management consulting firm called the Strategic Emergency Group. Before that, he spent two decades working for New York City in a variety of jobs, including deputy director for operations and planning for the Office of Emergency Management and a chief and division captain of E.M.S. special operations at the Fire Department. Mr. Kuhr could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday, and a call to his wife, Terri, who was also a partner at Strategic Emergency Group, was not returned. During the storm, Mr. Kuhr, who lives in Suffolk County, was working in Albany. At a time when work crews were in high demand, he is believed to have told the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management to clear a tree from his driveway, an administration official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the dismissal had not yet been made public. . .

I still don't get why water, food, cots, blankets, generators, etc. were not on hand immediately. If Sandy were a terrorist attack -- God forbid the dirty bomb scenario -- the area wouldn't be ready. What exactly have Governors Christie and Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg been doing with the DHS money to get their cities ready for just such an event? - Greg Pollowitz

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