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Norwegian Mass Killer Complains About Prison Conditions: Cold Coffee, No Moisturizer

Via BBC:
The Norwegian convicted of the massacre of 77 people last year has said he is being held in “inhumane” conditions. Anders Behring Breivik complained in a letter to the prison service that his coffee is served cold, he does not have enough butter for his bread, and he is not allowed moisturiser. Breivik is serving a minimum 21-year sentence for the bombings and shootings in Oslo and Utoeya island last July. The Norwegian authorities have not commented on the letter. However his lawyer has confirmed that the details of the 27-page document leaked to Norway’s VG newspaper are authentic. Breivik is being held in almost complete isolation – 23 hours a day, he says – at Ila prison outside Oslo. His cell includes three sections, one to sleep, one for study and a third for exercise – each measuring 8 sq m (86 sq ft). In the letter, he complains that the cell is poorly decorated and has no view. “I highly doubt that there are worse detention facilities in Norway,” he writes. . .

To really punish this guy, Norway should imprison him in an apartment in Queens with no power. That will show him. . . - Greg Pollowitz

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