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Gen. Michael Hayden: Petraeus Replacement Needs to Cut Drone Strikes

Via Wired :

When David Petraeus got the job of CIA chief, he knew what job #1 was: find out everything he could about al-Qaida and its allies — and then assist in their removal from the land of living. Fourteen months and more than 110 drone strikes later, the breaking of al-Qaida’s core that began under Petraeus’ predecessors is almost complete. Yet a major chunk of the nation’s intelligence community remains singularly focused on terrorism.

It’s time to give that a rest, a former leader of the Central Intelligence Agency says — especially with Petraeus gone. There’s a whole world out there that needs to be snooped on. . .

I agree and have written before that I don't think the CIA having its own little drone-air-force is such a great idea. - Greg Pollowitz

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