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Update: They Love Kim Kardashian’s Milkshakes in Bahrain

Kim Kardashian went to the Middle East to open a milkshake establishment and what happened after she left America is currently being questioned. Reports by locals in Bahrain suggest there were serious protesting on Saturday when the reality star arrived. Even the New York Daily Post suggested there were 100 Sunni Salafists demonstrating with banners. Wait up before making any assumptions as the promoter of the event, Sheeraz Hasan, suggests the exact opposite and on Sunday had a video to share a look at the situation surrounding Kim Kardashian’s visit. “NEW VIDEO: WHAT PROTESTS?? Kim Kardashian loved by the people of Bahrain & wants to return!!” tweeted Sheeraz Hasan from his official Twitter account. The linked video is a snippet of Kim Kardashian and her time in Bahrain opening a Millions of Milkshakes. . .

Well, if ANY good news can come out of one of the Kardashians venturing to Bahrain, maybe the media will take notice of the government's crackdown on the people. For example, here's a good read from today's 'Washington Post," An intolerable status quo in Bahrain. - Greg Pollowitz

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