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Finally! Scientists Create a Coconut-Flavored Pineapple

Via The Telegraph:
The scientists, from a government agency in Queensland, have spent ten years trying to develop a new variety of sweeter, juicier pineapple but did not actually intend to create the coconut flavour. “It’s sweet, low acid, very juicy,” said Garth Sanewski, a senior horticulturalist at Queensland’s department of agriculture. “It has this lovely coconut flavour, which you won’t find in any other pineapple in Australia.” The new pineapple, called AusFestival, has been dubbed the “piña colada pineapple” and will potentially – as local media noted – preclude people from having to mix fruits in the famous cocktail. It is likely to be commercially available in two years. . .

I'd but it. - Greg Pollowitz

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