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Taranto: Make Anna Wintour Ambassador to Syria

Via Wall Street Journal:

[. . .] Wintour was in the news this year when she hosted fundraising dinners for President Obama in New York, London and Paris. As a result, Thomas Pascoe of Britain’s Daily Telegraph writes (albeit citing “speculative reports“), “Wintour is in the running to be America’s next ambassador to either Britain or France.” Why not New York? Because it’s a domestic city, so there’s no U.S. ambassador to New York. But there’s an ambassador in New York, to the United Nations. Why couldn’t Wintour replace Susan Rice? Nah, forget it. We don’t want to give them ideas.

OK, maybe one idea. How about nominating Wintour ambassador to Damascus? What a great opportunity that would be to promote the values of Vogue in a country that clearly needs them. . .

He'll get no argument from me.

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- Greg Pollowitz

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