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London Judge Praises Graffiti Vandal’s Talent

Via The Telegraph:
A judge has imposed the “least possible sentence” on gang of graffiti vandals who attacked the capital’s tube network, saying one had a “portfolio you would be proud of”. Keiron Cummings, 21, Alex Rowe, 22, and Billy McColl, 17, carried out “an industrial scale” three-year campaign of vandalism, targeting train and Tube carriages across the capital and causing £150,000 of damage. They called themselves ‘SMT’ and caused disruption to train services by spraying their tag on carriages during the night. After the attacks the gang members posted pictures and videos of their handiwork on the internet. But examining a dossier of Rowe’s work, Judge Henry Blacksell said while he understood public frustration at the damage caused by the vandals, he did not want to jail them. He said: “I will pass the least possible sentence. These are young men and people care about them. . .

So stupid. And when the copycats begin their reign-of-paint? What then? At least the judge didn't call the damage a stimulus to the economy. - Greg Pollowitz

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