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So Sad: Govt. Workers Reporting Low Job Satisfaction

Via Washington Post:
It’s no secret that federal workers are feeling worn down. They’ve had their salaries frozen and are at the center of a partisan debate over the value of their work. A report due out Thursday, based on the largest sample ever of the workforce of 2 million, confirms a steady decline in morale and ebbing commitment. Despite positive feedback at some agencies, job satisfaction across the government has hit its lowest point in almost a decade. Just 52.9 percent of employees at the sprawling Department of Homeland Security, for example, are satisfied with their jobs, making it the lowest-ranked large agency, followed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. . .

Are they crazy?!? Millions upon millions of Americans unemployed and they dare feel "unsatisfied" about their taxpayer funded job? Here's an idea: replace the workers who feel bad about coming to work each day with those who are unemployed who will appreciate the opportunity. - Greg Pollowitz

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