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WSJ: Lanza’s H.S. Was Worried About his Psychological Issues

Via Wall Street Journal:
Not long into his freshman year, Adam Lanza caught the attention of Newtown High School staff members, who assigned him a high-school psychologist, while teachers, counselors and security officers helped monitor the skinny, socially awkward teen, according to a former school official. Their fear wasn’t that he was dangerous. “It was completely the opposite,” said Richard J. Novia, the director of security at Newtown School District at the time in 2007. “At that point in his life, he posed no threat to anyone else. We were worried about him being the victim or that he could hurt himself.”. . .

As we begin this debate on mental health care, we need to recognize that both the Aurora and Newtown shooters were undergoing or had undergone some sort of treatment for their mental health issues. It might be that psychologists and psychiatrists just cant' predict who will commit a heinous act and who will not. - Greg Pollowitz

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