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Science: Wrinkle Treatment Using Stem Cells Causes Bones to Grow in Woman’s Eyelid

Via io9:
Let it be said that stem cell therapies may well be the future of medicine, but untested stem cell therapies have the potential to give rise to the stuff of nightmares. Case in point: the unnamed cosmetic surgery patient in this piece by SciAm’s Ferris Jabr, who, after dropping 20 grand on an untested, non-FDA-approved facelift that made use of her own stem cells, grew some extra bones in her face. In her eyelid, to be exact (her right eyelid, to be very exact) that would click-clack “like a tiny castanet snapping shut” every time she forced the lid open to see. The snapping lid caused the woman considerable pain, enough that she eventually had no choice but to seek out medical attention. . .i

I'm pretty much against all plastic surgery, except for maybe the nose job. All other procedures I find silly, at best. I put "inject stem cells into your face" in a different category altogether -- the "you get what you deserve" category. - Greg Pollowitz

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