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Hillary Illness Speculation from The Daily Beast

Via The Daily Beast:

The mystery of what is ailing Hillary Clinton took an unsettling turn Sunday with the announcement that she was being hospitalized in New York City to treat a “clot” with blood thinners. As with the fainting and concussion announcement of a few weeks ago, the absence of information makes it very difficult—impossible, actually—to know whether Secretary Clinton is truly ill or simply in the midst of one of the routine bumps one receives in that contact sport known as middle age.

Here are the facts as carried by The Associated Press and parroted by the rest of the world: she is being treated for the clot, anatomic site unknown, “stemming from the concussion” of mid-December. The clot was discovered on a Sunday follow-up exam; right now she is receiving anticoagulants to prevent extension of the clot and will be in the hospital 48 hours. That’s all. It is noteworthy that she has received anticoagulants before, in 1998, after developing a clot behind her right knee, though the AP report does not mention the previous episode. . .

What's really wrong with her doesn't much matter -- from a political point of view -- at this point. On a personal note, however, here's hoping it's nothing too serious. - Greg Pollowitz

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