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Florida News: The Alligator God Helps Criminals Destroy Evidence?

Via Sun-Sentinel :


At least once a day, Robert Mackey and Paul Trucchio would pray to “the alligator god” that a human head, the only evidence of the brutal murder they committed, would be devoured by a reptile in the Everglades, two witnesses told jurors Thursday.

The witnesses, former roommates of the suspects during their 2007 stay in Volusia County, said Mackey and Trucchio each confessed to murdering Lorraine Hatzakorzian, 41, dismembering her, and tossing her head into an Everglades canal, where it was discovered near a boat ramp in western Broward County on April 28, 2007. The head was the only part of the victim’s body that was ever found, and even though no one knows where the victim met her demise, the location of her head resulted in a murder trial in Broward.

Mackey, 44, faces life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder or 30 years if convicted of being an accessory after-the-fact. He cannot be convicted of both crimes. Trucchio was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading no contest to the murder charge a year ago. . .

It's morons like this who give normal people who create lesser deities a bad name. Hat-tip to longtime reader and Florida resident JDM for this addition to the "I'm embarrassed to live in Florida file." And yes, that's an alligator "walking on water." It's a miracle -- for felons!" - Greg Pollowitz

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