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Does Obama Have An Eric Holder Problem?

Via WSJ:
. . .Eric Holder as the new Alberto Gonzales — a lightning rod for controversy throughout his tenure as the nation’s top cop? Yipes. Perez writes that Holder has pleased nearly nobody. Not the right, who criticize him for releasing Bush-era memos on the CIA’s interrogation program. Not the left, who think he’s adopted too many of the old Bush policies. For now, Holder’s still got the support where it counts. A senior White House official says the president stands behind Holder. And Matthew Miller, a Justice spokesman, said many of the department’s biggest controversies this year were held over from the prior administration. “There is no way to make everyone happy dealing with those issues, and if you did, it probably means you did something wrong,” he said.

Resignation watch pool: I say 8 days after the November elections and Holder punts. - Greg Pollowitz

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